Benign Hematology Treatment

Benign hematology includes many inherited and acquired, nonmalignant blood diseases. Many blood disorders are relatively mild, but some are complex, challenging chronic conditions. All require accurate diagnosis and careful management. The hematology team at Messino Cancer Centers provides advanced, evidence-based diagnosis and management of patients who have blood disorders that are not related to any type of cancer.

Personalized Care

Our physicians have advanced training in the management of bleeding disorders, clotting disorders and other hematologic problems. Our team of hematologists, pathologists and nurses take the time to get to know each patient and understand their unique needs, working collaboratively to determine the best approach – treatment is customized for the individual patient.

Cutting-edge Treatment

Patients do not have to go far to get the very best of hematology care. At Messino Cancer Centers our skilled nurses provide high-quality care to patients requiring infusion treatment for blood disorders.  Patients expect innovative treatment options; our board-certified physicians, advanced practitioners, and nursing team provides access to this care.  We strive to make the most advanced and effective blood disease treatments available here in Asheville and the surrounding communities.